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Sound Activated LED Spotlight - Red Green Blue

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Original price $13.29
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Current price $9.49
Perfect for birthday parties, showers, or any other festive occasion! Vibrant flashes of colorful lights not only liven up the atmosphere but also perk the moods of your guests.

Additional Information:
* Each order is for 1 LED spotlight.
* Colors: red, blue, green.
* Size: approx. 3.65" wide x 4" tall.
* Comes with power cord is 35" long.
* Comes with 1 leg + 2 screws.
* Small assembly required.
* Cycles: red; red&green; green; green&blue; blue; all 3 colors; back to red and repeat.
* Cannot do single color.
* It will turn on as soon as it plugged in, there is no on / off button.
* Design moves in counterclockwise motion.
* Sound activated: it will blink when there is a loud noise.
* Please note: additional decorations are not included.

Quantity: 1

Material: LED Lights

Shipping time: Ships in 1 day.