Tablecloth Sizing Guide

To find the right tablecloth or overlay size, make sure you know the table sizes or measure your event tables before purchasing.
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Tablecloth Sizing Help
Round Tables: To find the right tablecloth, measure your table diameter (or radius x 2) then add the desired drop x 2 - so if you want the tablecloth to go to the floor (or drop 30” to the floor) add 60, if you want it to go half way (or drop 15” to the floor) then add 30. If you’re not sure how long the tablecloth drop is, then subtract the diameter of the table from the tablecloth size and then divide by 2.

Square Tables: If you know your table size, simply multiply the desired drop length by 2 and then add the table length. If you’re not sure how long the tablecloth will drop, subtract the table size from the linen size and divide by 2.

Banquet Tables: First, measure the width and length of your table, and add twice the desired drop since the drop is on both sides of the table. For example, your table is 30" x 72". If you want a 30" drop to the floor, multiply 30 x 2 = 60 and add 60 to your width (90") and length (132"), so the tablecloth should be 90" x 132".