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Professional Softbox Photo Video Studio Lighting Kit

Original price $69.99
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Original price $69.99
Current price $49.99
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Current price $49.99
Easily make your each portrait and photo a true masterpiece with our soft box lighting kit. Superior quality, octagon soft box perfect for lighting an entire room, a photo-shoot or a video production. Lighting kit can easily disassembled and fit in a handy travel bag.

Additional Information:
Each set comes with:
Professional High Quality Light Stands:
* 1 302 Light stand.
* Cable cord is approx. 5.7 ft long or 68".
Lamp Light Box:
* 22'' Octagon Single Lamp Light Box.
Professional Light Bulb :
* 85W 6500K CFL Light Bulb.
* 85W CFL bulb output equals to 400W regular incandescent light bulb output.