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95 Assorted Latex Balloons Garland Arch Party Decorations Kit - White and Beige

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Make your perfect arch for weddings with balloons garland decorating kit from Leilani Wholesale! Crafted from high-quality latex, this set of balloons and tools is all you need to create an extraordinary balloon garland, arches and backdrops. Coordinate with other decorative supplies for a wonderful balloon display that will transform your space into a great-looking party room. Create your dream decorations and see where your imagination takes you!

Additional Information:
* Quantity: Each order is for 95 balloons with a garland kit set.
* Each garland kit set is for 1 balloon tie, 100 balloon glue dots, 5m clear plastic chain and assembly instructions.
* 1 white balloon in 36" wide balloon packs.
* 1 white and 2 beige balloons in 18" wide balloon packs.
* 15 white and 15 beige balloons in 12" wide balloon packs.
* 13 white, 10 beige and 10 ivory balloons in 10" wide balloon packs.
* 10 white, 10 beige and 8 ivory balloons in 5" wide balloon packs.
* Material: Latex.
* Balloons can be filled with air or helium.
* Additional decorations are not included.

How to Make Balloon Garlands
* Inflate all balloons with air or helium. You can use the balloon tying tool to tie a knot.
* Insert balloon lips into the plastic decorating chain holes and secure them by pulling the balloon knots gently through the holes.
* When attaching balloons to the decorating chain, you may want to alternate colors and sizes or skip holes if needed.
* Gaps between balloons can be easily filled using balloon glue dots.
* Tie a long piece of ribbon to an empty hole at each end of the decorating chain and hang your garland against a wall or from the ceiling.

Quantity: 95

Material: Latex

Shipping time: Ships in 1 day.