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2 Stainless Steel 12" Gazing Globe Reflective Mirror Balls

Original price $93.79
Original price $78.39 - Original price $93.79
Original price $93.79
Current price $66.99
$55.99 - $66.99
Current price $66.99
Color: Gold
Enhance the look of your indoor or outdoor space with gazing mirror balls from Leilani Wholesale! Crafted from durable stainless steel with a mirror-like surface, these mirror balls will capture and mirror the beauty of your garden, patio, office, or any event venue. It can also be used as a decorative accent for your tables at weddings, parties, holiday dinners, or any special occasions. Get your dream decorations and see where your imagination takes you!

Additional Information:
* Quantity: Each order is for 2 mirror balls.
* Each mirror ball measures approx. 11.5" wide.
* Shipped with a 1x 5M fish wire.
* Material: Stainless steel.
* Flowers, centerpieces and additional decorations are not included.

Quantity: 2

Material: Metal

Shipping time: Ships in 1 day.