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10 Rectangular 24" x 16" Plastic Mesh Grid Frames DIY Flower Wall Panels - Dark Green

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Original price $20.99
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Current price $14.99
Easily create the perfect party backdrops with these plastic grid panels from Leilani Wholesale! Decorate your events in an unexpected way: with a wall of artificial flowers or greenery. Crafted from high quality plastic, you can shape and connect these frames together to fit your decorating needs. Each panel is also designed with nails to conveniently attach your silk flowers and plants. These functional grid frames are great for making gorgeous DIY wall and backdrop decor for your weddings, parties and any special occasions. Have fun with them and see where your imagination takes you!

Additional Information:
* Quantity: Each order is for 10 grid panels.
* Each panel measures 23.5" long x 15.75" wide x 1.8mm thick.
* Nails are approx. 0.25" long.
* Space between nails is approx. 1.25" wide.
* Hooks are approx. 0.1" wide.
* There are a total of 247 nails and 7 hooks.
* Shipped with zip ties. Zip ties can be used to further secure multiple panels.
* Material: Plastic.
* Artificial flowers, plants and additional decorations are not included.

Quantity: 10

Material: Plastic

Shipping time: Ships in 1 day.