10 ft x 10 ft Photography Backdrop Stand Kit - Black


Transforming space and location into a completely different environment without resorting to expensive methods is easy to do with our backdrop stand. Our sturdy portable backdrop stand kit is simple to set up anywhere! You can easily disassemble it and fit in a handy travel bag. The black finish is professional and durable.

Additional Information:
* Dimensions: 10 ft wide x 10 ft tall.
* Material: Die cast steel and heavy duty plastic.

Each set comes with:
* 2 Support stands, die cast steel for quality build.
* 1 Component carrier.
* 2 Tripod leg stands: approx. 27" long - suggested size: 26" wide x 22.5" tall.
* 3 Height adjustable levers per support stand.
* 2 Tightening screw bolts, 1 for each top of support stand.

Instructions how to set up:
* Connect Bar A to Bar B to Bar D.
* To Tighten: Turn Knob Right.
* To Loosen: Turn Knob Left.

PLEASE NOTE: SALE IS FOR BACKDROP STAND SUPPORT KIT ONLY. Fabric backdrops, fairy lighting, and additional fabric bolts NOT INCLUDED.