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Tablecloth Sizing Guides


To find the right tablecloth or overlay size, make sure you know the table sizes or measure your event tables before purchasing. For best results, measure the height, width and length of your banquet rectangular tables or the radius/diameter of your round tables. Most tables are 30" tall. For more help, contact us or email us at - we're here to help!

Round Tablecloths

 To find the right tablecloth, measure your table diameter (or radius x 2) then add the desired drop x 2 - so if you want the tablecloth to go to the floor (or drop 30” to the floor) add 60, if you want it to go half way (or drop 15” to the floor) then add 30. If you’re not sure how long the tablecloth drop is, then subtract the diameter of the table from the tablecloth size and then divide by 2. 

Leilani Wholesale Round Tablecloth Sizing Guide

Rectangular Banquet Tablecloths

First, measure the width and length of your table, and add twice the desired drop since the drop is on both sides of the table. For example, your table is 30" x 72". If you want a 30" drop to the floor, multiply 30 x 2 = 60 and add 60 to your width (90") and length (132"), so the tablecloth should be 90" x 132".

Leilani Wholesale Rectangular Tablecloth Sizing Guide

Square Tablecloths

If you know your table size, simply multiply the desired drop length by 2 and then add the table length. If you’re not sure how long the tablecloth will drop, subtract the table size from the linen size and divide by 2.

Leilani Wholesale Square Tablecloth Sizing Guide

Table Skirt Sizing Guide

If you are setting up round tables for your party, you can just simply get the circumference of your tables. You can do this by multiplying the diameter or the width of your table by 3.14 ( width x 3.14). The result will be the size of the table skirt you need.

For rectangular tables, getting the right size will be based on how many sides you plan to skirt. You may opt to skirt 3 or 4 sides depending on the setup and the size of the tables you will be using.

These formulas will let you know the right size of skirts for your rectangular tables:

3 sides skirting: 2W + L = Right Table Skirt Size
4 sides skirting: 2W + 2L = Right Table Skirt Size

Leilani Wholesale Table Skirt Sizing Guide

Table Overlay Sizing Guide

Here is a formula to guide you when buying your overlays (this applies for both round and rectangular tables):
Diameter of your table + (Drop x 2) = Tablecloth size

If you're not sure how long the table cloth drop is, use this formula:
(Tablecloth size - Your Table Diameter) / 2 = Overlay Drop

Leilani Wholesale Table Overlay Sizing Guide

Cocktail Table Linen Guide

All measurements in this guide assume a standard cocktail table height of 42 inches.

For Non-Fitted Round Tablecloths, measure the size of your linen and the diameter or width of your table. Use this formula to find the drop length:

Drop Length = (Linen Size - Table Width) / 2

Our Fitted Spandex Cocktail Tablecloths come with leg pockets and are recommended for cocktail tables with X-style and I-style base (four legs).

Leilani Wholesale Cocktail Table Linen Guide