12 Silk Petunia Bushes Flowers Wedding Arrangements - Burgundy


Discover the decorating potential of silk petunia flowers from Leilani Wholesale!

Affordable silk petunia flowers are great for weddings, parties, events or as a decorations for your own home. Silk flowers make a charming addition to home gardens and your home decorations. Silk petunia flowers from Leilani Wholesale will set a calm atmosphere for your guests and they will provide years of beauty!

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend steaming the flowers before use.

Additional Information:
* Quantity: Each order is 12 bushes. 14 flowers per bush for a total of 168 petunia flowers per order.
* Each petunia measures approx. 1.5" tall and 2.5" wide. Height of the entire bush - 12".
* Other decorations are sold separately.