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100 pcs 8" Natural Sugarcane Sustainable Drinking Straws - Light Brown

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Current price $4.99
Have an eco-friendly way to enjoy your favorite drinks with natural sugarcane straws from Leilani Wholesale! Crafted from 100% natural and organic plant based material, these biodegradable sugarcane drinking straws are the perfect alternative to plastic straws. Very durable and will perfectly serve both hot or cold beverages. Properly clean and store them to use for the next celebration. Great for outdoor events, weddings, parties, birthdays or any special occasions.

Additional Information:
* Quantity: Each order is for 100 drinking straws.
* Each straw measures approx. 7.75" long x 0.25" wide.
* Both ends are flat.
* Material:Sugarcane Bagasse.
* Natural color will not affect the taste of your drinks.
* Straws will be soft and bendable when used with hot liquid but will be back to shape when the temperature gets normal.
* PLEASE NOTE: Use only for drinking. These straws are intended for single use but can be reused when properly cleaned and stored. Should be stored in a cool and dry place. Please keep away from sunlight as heat and humidity can affect durability.
* Drinking glasses and additional decorations are not included.